Radical Rabbis: The Adventures of Hillel and Shammai App Reviews

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Cool to see the end results

While not exactly the next mario, it's cool seeing this after learning how it was created by students in a Jewish learning session, and knowing that it's possible for works like this to be created in limited time periods. Hopefully this is just the first of many projects. Worth seeing if you're in the Jewish educational space and are curious what sort of projects out there are really pushing the limit of what's possible in hands on creation based learning. Well worth five minutes of my time. Definitely worth checking out.

Very retro

Love the characters and music.....a clever use of 8 bit tech



Short but fun and informative

Its very short, but a good way to teach and its fun.

Quick, but cute.

The app is sort of a gamified version of the Talmudic tales of Hillel and Shammai designed by two emerging artists. It's got three little mini-games that go by pretty quickly, but it's still a really nice introduction to an otherwise complicated text. Will definitely use this to spark a discussion with my students.

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